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Fluke 87V Industrial Uses: A Comprehensive Guide

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Looking to take your industrial measurements to the next level with accurate meter and test probe? The Fluke 87V is not just another multimeter. It’s a game-changer product in the world of industrial testing equipment. From troubleshooting motor drives and control systems to pinpointing intermittent faults, this rugged industrial multimeter can handle it all with unmatched precision and reliability.

Whether you’re an electrician, technician, or engineer, the Fluke 87V electronics clamp is your go-to companion for tackling complex industrial challenges head-on with an accurate meter. Its advanced features and durability make the industrial multimeter a standout choice for demanding work environments where accuracy is non-negotiable. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to dependable results with this multimeter, a high bar-setting product for electronics.

Fluke 87V Overview

The Fluke 87V multimeter is an essential electronics tool in various industries due to its reliability and versatility. Trusted by professionals, this instrument, equipped with advanced features and probes, ensures accurate measurements, making it indispensable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Professionals across different sectors rely on the Fluke 87V product for its ability to provide precise measurements and facilitate efficient troubleshooting with standard probes. From electronics and electrical systems maintenance to automation processes, this multimeter product has proven itself as a valuable asset in ensuring smooth operations within industrial settings.

For instance, in the manufacturing industry, the Fluke 87V product plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of machinery and equipment through accurate measurement of voltage, current, frequency, and other electrical parameters. Similarly, in maintenance scenarios such as routine inspections or repairs, this multimeter aids technicians in identifying and addressing issues promptly.

True RMS Significance

The significance of True RMS capability lies at the core of why the Fluke 87V product is specifically designed for industrial applications. In troubleshooting electrical systems within industrial settings where non-sinusoidal voltages are prevalent, having a True RMS digital multimeter (DMM) becomes imperative.

Key Features of Fluke 87V

True RMS Capability for Accurate Measurements

The Fluke 87V is the best-priced service equipped with True RMS capability, allowing it to accurately measure complex waveforms. This feature is essential in industrial settings where non-linear loads, variable frequency drives, price, and best are common. With this capability, electricians and technicians can troubleshoot electrical systems precisely, ensuring optimal performance at the best price.

Peak capture functionality enables the device to record transients as fast as 250 µs, providing users with crucial data on rapid voltage fluctuations or spikes. The multimeter, priced as the best, can measure up to 1000 V ac and dc, along with currents of up to 10 A (20 A for up to 30 seconds), catering to a wide range of industrial measurement needs.

In practical terms, imagine an industrial facility relying on various equipment powered by variable frequency drives, best. The True RMS capability of the Fluke 87V allows maintenance personnel to accurately diagnose issues stemming from these complex waveforms without compromising safety or accuracy.

Diverse Industrial Troubleshooting Applications

By offering comprehensive measurement capabilities such as voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, and frequency measurements among others; the Fluke 87V is designed for diverse applications in industrial environments. Its high accuracy and resolution ensure critical measurements are performed reliably across different scenarios.

For instance, when troubleshooting a motor drive system in a manufacturing plant that requires precise current measurements at varying frequencies and load conditions; the Fluke 87V’s ability to provide accurate readings ensures efficient diagnosis and maintenance of such vital machinery.

Built-in Protection Against Electrical Hazards

The Fluke 87V boasts built-in protection against electrical hazards which is crucial when working in potentially risky industrial settings. It offers peace of mind knowing that the device has safety ratings and certifications specifically tailored for use within hazardous locations.

Moreover,the intrinsically safe version, known as the Fluke 87V-Ex comes with ATEX certification for hazardous locations; meeting stringent safety standards set forth by regulatory authorities.

User Safety During High-risk Measurements

With its wide range of functions geared towards meeting diverse industrial needs; this multimeter prioritizes user safety during high-risk measurements.

Key Features of Fluke 87V
True RMS AC voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals
Measure up to 1000V AC and DC
10,000 µF capacitance range
Built-in thermometer conveniently allows you to take temperature readings without having to carry a separate instrument
Large display with bright, two-level backlight makes the 87V significantly easier to read than older models
Min/Max/Average recording with Min/Max Alert to capture variations automatically
Input Alert provides an audible warning against wrong use of input jacks
Improved selectable sleep mode for long battery life
Lifetime warranty

Industrial Uses of Fluke 87V

Troubleshooting Philosophy

Technicians rely on the Fluke 87V for troubleshooting electrical circuits in harsh industrial environments. Its robust construction ensures durability, while its ergonomic design allows for comfortable handling during long hours of use. With improved measurement functions and trouble-shooting features, it empowers technicians to diagnose problems quickly and effectively.

The Fluke 87V multimeter is designed to withstand the rigors of industrial settings, providing accurate measurements such as frequency and duty cycle. This capability enables technicians to identify and resolve electrical issues efficiently, minimizing downtime in industrial operations. By offering enhanced resolution and accuracy, this tool helps troubleshoot complex systems effectively.

Drive Measurements

One of the key applications of the Fluke 87V in industrial settings is its ability to measure drive signals accurately. In plant automation and power distribution scenarios, this feature is essential for maintaining optimal performance of drive systems. The instrument’s advanced measurements enable analysis of motor control systems and power electronics with precision.

In addition to measuring drive signals, the Fluke 87V facilitates the diagnosis of bad components and other conditions that may lead to premature failure in adjustable speed drives. Thanks to its durable materials and improved measurement functions, it allows technicians to take accurate electrical measurements during installation and maintenance processes.

Multimeter Measurements in Industry

Taking Accurate Measurements

Industrial multimeters, such as the Fluke 87V, play a crucial role in ensuring precise measurements of AC drives’ output signals. These devices enable technicians to optimize the performance of adjustable speed drives by accurately gauging voltage, current, and resistance. For instance, when troubleshooting drive systems, the Fluke 87V facilitates fine-tuning and adjustments by providing reliable readings for informed decision-making.

In various industrial settings, digital multimeters like the Fluke 87V are indispensable for electrical safety. They offer precise measurements even in challenging conditions such as noisy environments or fluctuating electrical signals. With its diverse measurement modes tailored for different scenarios, this industrial multimeter minimizes errors and ensures that data collection is reliable. Technicians can confidently work on complex electrical systems while adhering to stringent safety standards with the assistance of these advanced measuring instruments.

Electrical Safety

The Fluke 87V excels in offering accurate readings essential for maintaining electrical safety within industrial environments. Its ability to provide precise measurements under challenging conditions ensures that technicians can carry out their tasks without compromising accuracy or reliability. Moreover, with multiple measurement modes catering to various situations encountered in industries, this digital multimeter guarantees consistent and dependable results across different applications.

The Fluke 87V stands out as an invaluable tool. By delivering accurate measurements regardless of external factors affecting electrical circuits or equipment operation, this device enhances overall operational efficiency and safety protocols within industrial facilities.

Accessories for Enhanced Functionality

SureGrip Clips and Probes

Having the right accessories is crucial. The SureGrip clips and probes are designed to prioritize safety when working with electrical systems. They offer guidelines for avoiding accidents and injuries, promoting awareness of potential hazards in industrial settings. For instance, they provide a secure grip on wires and reduce slippage, ensuring that technicians can work confidently without compromising safety.

These accessories emphasize safe practices by enhancing the technician’s ability to maintain a firm hold on test points during measurements. This unique function not only improves accuracy but also serves as a best friend for anyone working with electrical systems in an industrial environment. By reducing the risk of accidental disconnections or slips, these accessories contribute significantly to maintaining a safe work environment.

Test Lead Kits

The Fluke 87V offers specialized test lead kits that come with various clips and probes tailored for secure connections. These kits enhance grip while minimizing the risk of accidental disconnections during testing procedures. This feature ensures that technicians can rely on their equipment to deliver consistent results without disruptions due to poor connections or unstable readings.

Moreover, improved measurement accuracy and reliability are essential aspects when dealing with industrial applications where precision matters most. The enhanced functionality provided by these test lead kits makes them excellent companions for professionals who require dependable tools in their daily operations.

Current Clamps

In an industrial setting, versatility is key. The inclusion of comprehensive current clamps within test lead kits caters to this need by offering a wide range of accessories suitable for different measurement requirements. Whether it’s measuring large currents or adapting to various types of circuits, these current clamps ensure convenience and flexibility during testing procedures.

Specialized Test Leads and Probes

Surface Temperature Probe

The Fluke 87V is equipped with a surface temperature probe that allows for non-intrusive current measurements in live circuits. This feature is ideal for measuring high currents without the need to break the circuit, facilitating efficient troubleshooting of electrical systems. For instance, when dealing with industrial machinery or equipment, this probe enables technicians to identify any irregularities in current flow without disrupting operations.

This specialized probe is essential in scenarios where safety and accuracy are paramount. By providing a means to measure high currents without interrupting the circuit, it enhances both safety and efficiency during diagnostic procedures. Its non-intrusive nature minimizes downtime by eliminating the need to power down equipment for testing purposes.

Silicone Insulated Leads

Another crucial component of the Fluke 87V is its silicone insulated leads which enable temperature measurements on surfaces within industrial environments. These leads play a pivotal role in identifying overheating components or equipment issues before they escalate into major problems. In an industrial setting, being able to accurately monitor temperatures can prevent costly breakdowns and ensure smooth operation of critical systems.

The silicone insulation not only ensures accurate temperature readings but also provides durability required for use in demanding industrial applications. With resistance to heat, chemicals, and wear, these insulated leads offer longevity even when subjected to harsh conditions commonly encountered within industrial settings.

Slim Reach Probes

The Fluke 87V comes equipped with slim reach probes that provide added safety through their silicone-insulated design while offering resistance against heat, chemicals, and wear for long-lasting performance. These features make them suitable for various demanding industrial applications where precision measurements are vital.

Advanced Measurement Techniques

Drive Measurements using the Fluke 87V Multimeter

The Fluke 87V multimeter is a versatile tool that can be used for drive measurements. Whether you are working with motors, generators, or any other type of drive system, this multimeter can provide accurate and reliable measurements.

When it comes to drive measurements, one of the key parameters to consider is voltage. The Fluke 87V multimeter has a high voltage range, allowing you to measure both AC and DC voltages accurately. This is important when troubleshooting drive systems, as fluctuations in voltage can indicate potential issues.

Another important parameter to measure is current. The Fluke 87V multimeter has a built-in current measurement capability, allowing you to measure both AC and DC currents. This is particularly useful when working with drive systems, as excessive current draw can indicate problems such as motor overload or short circuits.

In addition to voltage and current, the Fluke 87V multimeter can also measure resistance, capacitance, and frequency. These additional measurement capabilities can be valuable when troubleshooting drive systems, as they can help identify issues such as faulty wiring, capacitor problems, or frequency irregularities.

The Fluke 87V multimeter also offers advanced features such as peak capture and min/max recording. These features can be particularly useful when measuring drive systems, as they allow you to capture and record transient events or fluctuations in voltage or current.

Overall, the Fluke 87V multimeter is a reliable and versatile tool for drive measurements. Its high voltage range, current measurement capability, and additional features make it a valuable asset for anyone working with drive systems. Whether you are an electrician, an engineer, or a maintenance technician, this multimeter can help you troubleshoot and diagnose issues in drive systems effectively.

EVSE Safety Maintenance

The Fluke 87V multimeter is designed for accessing hard-to-reach areas in industrial equipment, enabling measurements in confined spaces or tight spots. This feature increases versatility and ease of use during troubleshooting. For example, when conducting maintenance checks on electric vehicle charging stations, the ability to access hard-to-reach areas ensures thorough safety inspections.

Using the Probe Light Kit with the Fluke 87V supports maintenance and safety checks of electric vehicle charging stations. It ensures proper functioning and compliance with safety standards, helping prevent potential hazards related to EV charging infrastructure. The probe light kit enhances visibility in dark environments, allowing technicians to perform accurate measurements even in low-light conditions.

Stray Voltage Adaptation

The Fluke 87V utilizes integrated probe lights for enhanced visibility in dark environments, improving accuracy when working in low-light conditions. This adaptation enables efficient troubleshooting even in challenging lighting situations such as altitude locations where natural light may be limited due to weather conditions or time of day.

Accessorizing the Fluke 87V Multimeter

Alligator Clips and Test Leads

When working in industrial settings, the Fluke 87V multimeter can be accessorized with alligator clips and test leads. These accessories are essential for detecting and measuring stray voltages. By using these tools, electricians and technicians can identify potential grounding or insulation issues within industrial equipment. Moreover, they ensure electrical safety by pinpointing hidden voltage sources that may pose a risk to personnel or machinery.

For instance, when troubleshooting an industrial motor’s electrical system, attaching alligator clips to specific points in the circuit allows for accurate measurement of voltage drops across different components. This helps in diagnosing any underlying issues that may affect the motor’s performance.

Extension Sets and Mini-Hooks

Equipping the Fluke 87V multimeter with extension sets and mini-hooks provides several advantages in an industrial environment. These accessories come with alligator clips and test leads that enable secure connections to various electrical components during testing procedures. Their presence enhances convenience and accuracy while taking measurements on complex systems commonly found in industrial settings.

In real-world scenarios, when inspecting a large-scale power distribution panel at a manufacturing facility, utilizing extension sets allows technicians to connect their multimeters to inaccessible areas without compromising safety or accuracy. This facilitates comprehensive testing of critical components within the panel without disrupting normal operations.

Right Angle Leads

The inclusion of right angle leads as part of the Fluke 87V multimeter‘s accessories offers versatility for different applications within an industrial setting. These leads provide extension sets along with mini-hooks for extended reach and flexibility during measurements. They facilitate accessing hard-to-reach areas or complex systems commonly encountered in industries such as manufacturing plants or refineries.

For example, when troubleshooting control panels installed in tight spaces where standard test lead connections are impractical due to limited clearance, right angle leads prove invaluable by allowing technicians to make secure connections without causing any damage.

Recommended Accessories for the Fluke 87V Multimeter

Accessory NameDescription
Test LeadsHigh-quality test leads for accurate measurements
Alligator ClipsUseful for holding test leads in place during testing
Temperature ProbeMeasures temperature in various applications
Current ClampMeasures AC/DC current without interrupting the circuit
Voltage ProbeMeasures voltage in hard-to-reach areas
Carrying CaseProtects the multimeter during transportation
Magnetic HangerConveniently hangs the multimeter for hands-free use
Calibration CertificateEnsures accuracy by providing traceability to national standards
Spare BatteriesProvides backup power for uninterrupted use
Fuse KitIncludes spare fuses for quick replacement when needed

Learning with Fluke 87V


The Fluke 87V multimeter is designed for various industrial uses. It features right angle leads that make it convenient to take measurements in tight spaces. This allows technicians to access connectors located at difficult angles, simplifying troubleshooting tasks in cramped industrial environments. For example, when working on complex machinery with limited space for maneuvering, the right angle leads of the Fluke 87V enable accurate and efficient measurements without the need to reposition the multimeter frequently.

Moreover, its ability to simplify troubleshooting tasks in cramped industrial environments makes it an indispensable tool for maintenance technicians and engineers working in challenging conditions. The convenience offered by these features can significantly enhance productivity and accuracy when conducting electrical tests or diagnosing issues within industrial equipment.

Webinar Engagement

In addition to its physical features, the Fluke 87V offers comprehensive guides through webinars for utilizing the multimeter effectively. These webinars provide step-by-step instructions tailored specifically for common industrial measurement tasks such as voltage measurements, continuity testing, and resistance measurements. By attending these webinars, users can maximize their understanding of the capabilities of the Fluke 87V and learn how best to apply them in their respective industries.

Furthermore, these webinars are valuable resources for individuals seeking guidance on using advanced functions of the multimeter efficiently. They offer practical insights into real-world applications across different industry sectors such as manufacturing plants, power generation facilities, automotive workshops, and more. With detailed demonstrations and explanations provided during these sessions, participants gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage the full potential of this versatile instrument.

Product Overview and Specifications

What’s Included

If you’re considering the Fluke 87V for industrial applications, participating in webinars can be incredibly beneficial. These online seminars offer valuable insights from industry experts on its industrial uses, allowing you to interact with professionals and expand your knowledge on multimeter usage. For instance, by joining these webinars, users can learn how to effectively utilize the device for troubleshooting electrical systems in industrial settings.

When purchasing a Fluke 87V, it comes with essential accessories such as probes, clips, and leads. This means that you have everything needed to start using the multimeter right away without having to spend extra time and effort sourcing additional components separately. By including these accessories along with the product itself, Fluke ensures that users are well-equipped to tackle various industrial tasks efficiently.

Detailed Specifications

The Fluke 87V is designed specifically for use in demanding settings like industrial environments. Its robust build quality and precise measurements make it an ideal choice for professionals working in industries where accuracy is crucial. For example, this multimeter offers a wide range of capabilities such as measuring voltage levels accurately within complex machinery or electrical systems commonly found in manufacturing plants or production facilities.

Moreover, the durability of the Fluke 87V makes it suitable for heavy-duty use within an industrial setting. The device is engineered to withstand tough conditions often encountered in factories or construction sites where reliability is paramount. This reliability ensures that professionals can depend on their equipment even when operating under challenging circumstances.

Download Fluke 87V complete specification PDF (Datasheet)

Final Remarks

You’ve now explored the versatile applications and advanced features of the Fluke 87V multimeter in industrial settings. From making precise measurements to utilizing specialized test leads and probes, this tool offers unparalleled functionality. By accessorizing it with additional components, you can enhance its capabilities for various measurement techniques. Understanding the product overview and specifications equips you with the knowledge to leverage the full potential of the Fluke 87V.

Now that you’re familiar with the industrial uses and accessories of the Fluke 87V, it’s time to apply this knowledge in your work. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, integrating this multimeter into your toolkit can elevate your measurement practices. Take the next step and explore how the Fluke 87V can revolutionize your approach to industrial measurements and testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Fluke 87V is specifically designed for industrial use. Its rugged construction, precise measurements, and wide range of functions make it an ideal choice for professionals working in various industrial settings.
The Fluke 87V boasts features such as true-rms voltage and current measurement, a built-in thermometer, peak capture to record transients as fast as 250 µs, and a large display with bright backlight. These attributes enhance its usability in demanding industrial environments.
The Fluke 87V is versatile and can be used for multimeter measurements in industries like manufacturing, automation, electrical maintenance, and more. It facilitates accurate troubleshooting of complex machinery and systems through its advanced measurement capabilities.
Yes! There are specialized test leads and probes that can be paired with the Fluke 87V to further expand its capabilities. These accessories enable users to perform specific tests with precision while ensuring safety during measurements.
Absolutely! The multimeter offers opportunities for learning advanced measurement techniques that are valuable in various industries. With proper guidance and practice, users can harness its potential to become adept at intricate measurement procedures.

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