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Fluke Multimeter 117: Advanced Functions & Usage Tips

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having a reliable multimeter tester is paramount. Enter the Fluke 117 tester, a game-changer in the world of testing equipment. This innovative instrument offers precision and efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for electricians, technicians, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Fluke’s reputable history in producing top-notch multimeters, precision instruments, testers, current clamps, and probes dates back to its inception in the late 1940s. The Fluke 117 tester continues this tradition by providing accurate voltage, current, and resistance measurements with ease. Its ergonomic design coupled with advanced features ensures seamless operation even in challenging environments.


The Fluke Multimeter 117 is an essential device for electricians, offering a range of standout features that set it apart from other models. This compact, CAT III 600 V, True-rms meter tester provides an easy-to-use interface with a bright backlight, making it ideal for use in darker worksites. Its inclusion of the non-contact voltage detection capability ensures added safety and convenience when working with electrical systems.

The Electricians Combo Kit includes the Fluke Multimeter 117 along with 4mm silicone test leads, holster, and manual. The multimeter’s design not only caters to the needs of electricians but also emphasizes user-friendly functionality. With its ability to accurately measure true-rms voltage and current in noisy environments such as commercial buildings or industrial settings, this meter offers reliability and precision in one package.

One key feature that sets the Fluke Multimeter 117 apart from others is its ability to provide accurate measurements even when testing non-linear loads. This means that electricians can rely on this multimeter to deliver precise readings regardless of the type of load being tested—whether resistive or reactive.

Moreover, the inclusion of a low input impedance function prevents false readings caused by ghost voltage—a common issue encountered during electrical testing work. By providing accurate current results while minimizing potential errors due to ghost voltages, this multimeter proves itself as a dependable companion for various electrical applications.

In addition to these features, another distinguishing factor is the built-in VoltAlert™ technology which allows users to quickly check for the presence of AC voltage without physically contacting any wires. This enhances safety by reducing exposure to potentially hazardous live wires during troubleshooting tasks—a crucial benefit for professionals working in demanding environments where time efficiency and safety are paramount concerns.

Furthermore, its compatibility with optional magnetic hanger (ToolPak™) enables hands-free operation—an invaluable asset when dealing with complex wiring setups or when conducting prolonged tests at different angles within electrical panels or distribution boards.

Core Functions of Fluke 117

Voltage Measurements

The Fluke Multimeter 117 is an integral part of the electrician’s combo kit, which also includes the Fluke PRV240. This comprehensive kit equips electricians with essential tools for accurate voltage measurements and non-contact detection, including a meter. By having a meter and these tools at their disposal, electricians can enhance their efficiency and convenience while working on electrical systems. For instance, when troubleshooting electrical issues, having a reliable multimeter like the Fluke 117 ensures that voltage measurements are precise and dependable.

Furthermore, the Electrician’s Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage in this combo kit provides electricians with a wide range of benefits. The ability to accurately measure voltage using this multimeter allows electricians to identify potential issues swiftly and accurately troubleshoot them. This not only saves time but also ensures that electrical systems are maintained at optimal performance levels.

Non-Contact Detection

Accurate voltage measurement using a meter is crucial in electrical work as it forms the basis for diagnosing and resolving various issues within electrical systems. The Fluke Multimeter 117 simplifies this process by offering non-contact detection capabilities. With integrated VoltAlert technology, AutoVolts, and LoZ functions, this multimeter helps prevent false readings caused by ghost voltage. As a result, electricians can rely on its accuracy to detect live wires using a meter without making direct contact.

Moreover, accurate voltage measurements using a meter are essential for ensuring safety during testing procedures in electrical work. The Fluke Multimeter 117’s non-contact detection feature enhances safety by allowing electricians to identify live wires without risking accidental contact or exposure to hazardous voltages.

Auto Selection

Another notable feature of the Fluke Multimeter 117 is its automatic selection of AC or DC voltage based on what was detected during testing procedures. This auto-selection capability streamlines the measurement process for users by eliminating the need to manually adjust settings between AC and DC modes.

Advanced Features and Specifications

True RMS Technology

The Fluke Multimeter 117 is equipped with True RMS technology, which ensures accurate measurements even when dealing with non-sinusoidal waveforms. This feature allows the multimeter to accurately measure the heating effect of non-sinusoidal voltages applied to motors. Unlike standard meters that only display the RMS value of the fundamental component, this advanced technology provides precise readings across various frequencies, making it an essential tool for electricians working in diverse environments.

Moreover, the Fluke 117 Electricians Multimeter boasts a user-friendly interface and a bright backlight designed for optimal visibility in dimly lit work areas. The integration of True RMS technology into this compact meter enhances its versatility and usability, enabling electricians to tackle complex electrical problems swiftly and accurately.

True RMS technology is especially crucial when testing equipment or systems that generate non-standard waveforms such as variable speed drives (VSDs), adjustable speed motor drives (ASDs), and other electronic devices. By accurately capturing irregular waveforms, electricians can diagnose issues more effectively without being misled by inaccurate measurements produced by average responding meters.

VoltAlert Technology

Another remarkable feature of the Fluke Multimeter 117 is its VoltAlert technology, which streamlines testing processes while enhancing safety during electrical work. This innovative function enables non-contact voltage detection, allowing users to identify live wires without direct contact using a meter. With integrated AutoVolt and LoZ functions, this multimeter not only expedites measurement tasks but also prevents false readings caused by ghost voltage—a common issue encountered with traditional meters.

In addition to simplifying voltage detection procedures, VoltAlert technology, including a meter, contributes significantly to ensuring user safety by minimizing exposure to potentially hazardous electrical currents. The ability to perform quick measurements through non-contact methods reduces the risk of accidental shocks or injuries while working on live circuits or conducting troubleshooting activities in residential or industrial settings.

Furthermore, this advanced capability addresses one of the key challenges faced during electrical testing—distinguishing between actual live circuits and residual voltages present in disconnected wiring systems using a meter. By leveraging VoltAlert technology’s reliable non-contact detection mechanism and meter alongside AutoVolt functionality for rapid measurements, electricians can execute their tasks efficiently while mitigating potential risks associated with misjudging live circuitry.

Using Fluke 117 with Accessories

i400S AC Clamp

The Fluke Multimeter 117 comes equipped with the i400S AC clamp, featuring a low input impedance that enhances accuracy in electrical testing. This unique feature allows the multimeter to minimize interference when measuring voltage, resulting in more precise readings. For electricians and technicians working in environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference, such as near industrial equipment or power lines, the low input impedance ensures reliable measurements by reducing ghost voltages and false readings using a meter.

The i400S AC clamp meter serves as a valuable tool for current measurements in various applications. When used alongside the Fluke 117 Multimeter, it enables professionals to accurately measure current without interrupting the circuit under test. By connecting the clamp to the common and 400 mA input jacks of the multimeter, users can efficiently troubleshoot electrical systems and diagnose issues without compromising safety or accuracy. This combination, including a meter, offers a comprehensive solution for troubleshooting tasks that require both voltage and current measurements.

i1010 AC/DC Clamp

Included within the kit is also an essential accessory –the i1010 AC/DC clamp– which expands functionality for electricians using the Fluke Multimeter 117. The addition of this versatile clamp meter provides professionals with an efficient means of measuring both alternating and direct currents without breaking circuits or interrupting power flow. Electricians can confidently use this accessory to perform accurate current measurements across various scenarios while benefiting from its seamless integration with their trusted multimeter.

Combining Fluke’s 116 HVAC Multimeter with a Fluke 323 clamp meter through this convenient combo kit enhances productivity significantly. The inclusion of durable soft carrying case (C115) and meter further ensures protection during transportation while providing easy access to these indispensable tools at job sites.

SureGrip Test Leads

In addition to these clamps, another crucial component included are SureGrip test leads that complement your experience using Fluke Multimeter 117 effectively. These silicone test leads offer durability and reliability during testing procedures while ensuring secure connections between measurement points and your multimeter device.

Furthermore, having access to additional sets of silicone test leads and meter proves beneficial when dealing with multiple measurement points simultaneously or when needing backup options during intensive usage periods.

Understanding Non-Contact Voltage Detection

Safety Benefits

The Fluke Multimeter 117 comes equipped with SureGrip test leads, offering a range of safety benefits. These test leads are designed to provide a reliable and secure connection when conducting electrical testing with a meter. By ensuring a stable and accurate meter connection, the risk of inaccurate readings or potential electrical hazards is significantly reduced. This feature enhances user experience by instilling confidence in the accuracy and safety of the meter measurements being taken.

Moreover, the inclusion of SureGrip test leads emphasizes the importance of reliable tools in electrical testing scenarios. The ability to trust equipment such as test leads and meter directly impacts an electrician’s ability to perform their job safely and effectively. With these high-quality test leads and meter, users can have peace of mind knowing that they are utilizing dependable tools that prioritize safety.

Practical Use

The Fluke Multimeter 117 integrates various safety features that contribute to creating a safer working environment for electricians. In electrical work, prioritizing safety is paramount, and this multimeter addresses this need by incorporating advanced features designed to enhance user protection. For instance, its non-contact voltage detection capability helps prevent false readings caused by ghost voltage through integrated VoltAlert technology, AutoVolts function, and LoZ (low impedance) mode meter.

These innovative functions not only improve the accuracy of voltage measurements but also reduce the likelihood of misinterpretations that could lead to unsafe conditions during testing procedures. By leveraging these built-in safety measures and using a meter, electricians can carry out their tasks with greater confidence while minimizing potential risks associated with electrical work.

Measuring Techniques with Fluke 117

True vs Ghost Voltage

The Fluke 117 multimeter offers practical solutions for electricians. For instance, when working with electrical systems, using a meter to identify true voltage is crucial for accurate readings. The Fluke 117 meter’s integrated non-contact voltage detection and Auto Volts function help in distinguishing between true and ghost voltages. This feature prevents false readings caused by ghost voltage, ensuring that electricians obtain precise measurements with the meter.

In real-world applications, the Fluke Multimeter 117 excels in scenarios where electricians need to diagnose electrical issues accurately. For example, when troubleshooting a faulty circuit or detecting irregularities in an electrical system such as adjustable speed drives, the ability to detect and eliminate ghost voltage using the multimeter is invaluable. By leveraging this capability, electricians can efficiently identify and address potential problems that may lead to premature failure of components within adjustable speed drives.

The importance of identifying true voltage becomes evident in situations where traditional multimeters may provide inaccurate readings due to the presence of ghost voltages. With its advanced features like LoZ (low input impedance), the Fluke 117 meter ensures that only genuine signals are measured while filtering out any unwanted stray voltages or “ghosts.” This not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to maintaining high standards of safety during electrical maintenance tasks.

Practical Use Enhances Efficiency

The practical use cases for the Fluke Multimeter 117 extend beyond basic measurements; they contribute significantly to enhancing efficiency for electricians. When diagnosing complex electrical issues involving adjustable speed drives, this meter proves indispensable due to its ability to provide accurate measurements even in challenging environments.

For instance, when dealing with adjustable speed drives, having a reliable tool like the Fluke 117 meter ensures that electricians can take precise electrical measurements during installation and maintenance processes without encountering measurement errors caused by ghost voltages.

Moreover, by being equipped with features specifically designed for professional users such as Min/Max/Average readings and frequency/capacitance measurement capabilities along with durable accessories like silicone test leads and holster included in its package – making it ideal for everyday use on job sites –the Fluke 117 meter further exemplifies how practical use enhances effectiveness for electricians.

Maintenance and Durability

Tool Bucket Organizer – Overview on how adjustable speed drives function within electrical systems – Importance and applications of adjustable speed drives – The role played by a multimeter in troubleshooting adjustable speed drives

A fluke multimeter 117 is an essential tool for troubleshooting adjustable speed drives. These devices are crucial in maintaining the smooth operation of electrical systems, particularly in industrial settings. Adjustable speed drives control the speed of electric motors, ensuring efficient energy usage and precise control over machinery. When these drives malfunction, it can lead to costly downtime and potential safety hazards.

The multimeter 117 plays a vital role in diagnosing issues with adjustable speed drives by measuring voltage, current, resistance, continuity, and other electrical parameters. It helps technicians identify faulty components or irregularities in the system that could affect its performance. For instance, if an adjustable speed drive fails to regulate motor speeds as intended, technicians can use the multimeter to measure voltage fluctuations or irregularities that may be causing the problem.

A reliable fluke multimeter 117 ensures accurate measurements during troubleshooting sessions for adjustable speed drives. Its durable construction allows it to withstand challenging working conditions common in industrial environments where these components are typically found.

Meter Case Features – Description and benefits associated with a tool bucket organizer – Importance of organization for efficient workflow – How a tool bucket organizer contributes to better organization on job sites

When working with sensitive equipment like the fluke multimeter 117, proper storage is essential for protecting it from damage while ensuring easy access during maintenance tasks. A dedicated meter case provides protection against impact, dust, and moisture – all factors that could compromise the functionality of precision instruments like this particular model.

Moreover, having a well-organized toolkit enhances efficiency on job sites by reducing time spent searching for tools amidst cluttered work areas or crowded toolboxes. A designated meter case offers compartments tailored specifically for various accessories such as test leads and alligator clips which prevents tangling or misplacement when not in use.

In addition to safeguarding delicate instruments from external elements like water or physical impact at worksites; rugged meter cases also feature additional pockets providing convenient storage space for spare batteries; small hand tools; or personal protective equipment (PPE). This level of organization streamlines workflows; minimizes downtime due to misplaced tools; improves safety through easier access to PPE items.

Enhancing Usability with Accessories

Heavy Duty Clips

The Fluke Multimeter 117 comes with heavy-duty clips, including a magnetic hanger. This accessory is crucial for hands-free operation during testing with a meter. The magnetic hanger allows users to attach the multimeter to metallic surfaces, keeping their hands free for making adjustments or taking readings. For example, when working on an electrical panel, technicians can attach the multimeter to the panel’s surface using the magnetic hanger, freeing up their hands to focus on probing and recording measurements.

Furthermore, heavy-duty clips enhance convenience during testing by securely holding the multimeter in place while allowing easy access to its functions and display. This feature is especially beneficial when working in tight spaces where traditional stands or supports may not be practical. Overall, heavy-duty clips and magnetic hangers significantly improve usability by providing a versatile and adaptable solution for positioning the Fluke Multimeter 117 during various testing scenarios.

Alligator Clips

Included as part of the accessories for the Fluke Multimeter 117, alligator clips play a vital role in securing connections during testing. These robust clips are designed to firmly grasp onto wires or terminals, ensuring reliable contact throughout measurement processes. Their durability enables them to withstand repeated use without compromising performance or safety standards.

Alligator clips find applications in various industries due to their ability to provide stable connections between test leads, meter, and circuit components. When making measurements on live circuits or complex systems, these clips offer peace of mind by securely fastening onto conductors or terminals without slipping off unexpectedly. As a result, meters contribute significantly towards maintaining accurate readings and reducing potential risks associated with unstable connections.

TwistGuard Leads

The Fluke Multimeter 117 also includes TwistGuard leads that offer several advantages. These leads feature twistable tips that allow users to adjust the length of exposed probe tip depending on specific requirements while maintaining safety standards at all times. Moreover, TwistGuard leads provide added protection against wear and tear from frequent bending or stretching due to their reinforced construction design.

Additional Functionalities of Fluke 117

Thermocouple Module

The Fluke multimeter 117 comes with a unique feature called the TwistGuard leads. These leads are designed to enhance safety during testing by minimizing the risk of arc flash. The TwistGuard leads have an adjustable length, which means they can be extended for reaching tight spaces or retracted for easy storage. This functionality makes them versatile and convenient for various testing scenarios.

Moreover, the TwistGuard leads provide additional protection against wear and tear, ensuring durability even in demanding environments. They also offer versatility in terms of measurement applications, making it easier to obtain accurate readings across different types of circuits and components. For example, when working on electrical panels with crowded wiring, the TwistGuard feature helps prevent accidental short circuits while providing reliable measurements.

In addition to these benefits, the thermocouple module included in the Fluke 117 enables temperature measurements using general-purpose probes. This functionality expands the capabilities of the multimeter beyond standard voltage and current measurements. The thermocouple module is particularly useful for HVAC technicians who need to assess temperature variations in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

The thermocouple module plays a crucial role in maintaining accuracy during temperature measurements by compensating for changes in ambient conditions that could affect readings. It ensures that professionals receive precise data when troubleshooting or conducting maintenance tasks related to temperature-sensitive equipment or systems.

Customer Insights and Reviews

User Feedback – Description, advantages, and applications associated with general purpose probe

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the Fluke Multimeter 117, particularly highlighting the versatility and accuracy of its general-purpose probe. The general-purpose probe is lauded for its ability to facilitate a wide range of testing scenarios, from measuring voltage to continuity checks. Users appreciate how this feature enhances the functionality of the multimeter, making it suitable for various electrical tasks.

The general purpose probe offers significant advantages in terms of convenience and adaptability. For instance, users find it invaluable for troubleshooting electrical systems due to its reliability in delivering precise measurements across different applications. Whether working on residential or commercial projects, electricians rely on this feature to ensure accurate readings when diagnosing issues or conducting routine maintenance.

The role played by the general-purpose probe spans multiple testing scenarios, from checking outlets and switches to assessing circuitry in industrial settings. This demonstrates its importance as a versatile tool that meets diverse user needs across different environments. Electricians can seamlessly transition between tasks without requiring separate equipment thanks to the all-encompassing capabilities of Fluke 117’s general-purpose probe.

Performance Evaluation

Positive user feedback regarding their experience with Fluke Multimeter 117 underscores its exceptional performance. Customers commend its precision, durability, and ease of use during daily operations. They emphasize how reliable measurements enhance their efficiency while working on complex electrical systems or troubleshooting issues.

In addressing common user concerns related to performance or usability, some customers have mentioned minor drawbacks such as display visibility under certain lighting conditions or battery life concerns over prolonged usage periods. However, these critiques are overshadowed by overwhelmingly positive reviews praising the multimeter’s overall functionality and build quality.

User feedback plays a pivotal role in driving product development at Fluke Corporation. It serves as an essential source of insight that informs continuous improvements aimed at enhancing customer experience with future iterations of Fluke Multimeter 117 products.

Closing Thoughts

You’ve now got a solid grip on the Fluke 117 multimeter. From its core functions to advanced features, measuring techniques, and customer insights, you’ve covered a lot of ground. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to make an informed decision about whether the Fluke 117 is the right tool for your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, choosing the right multimeter is crucial. So, go ahead, weigh your options, and make the choice that best suits your requirements.

Remember,Precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Your tools are an extension of your skills, so invest wisely. Now that you’re equipped with the know-how about Fluke 117, go out there and make the most of your electrical measurements!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The Fluke 117 is perfect for beginners. Its straightforward interface and clear display make it easy to use, while its advanced features provide room for growth as your skills develop.
The Fluke 117 provides highly accurate measurements, ensuring precision in your electrical work. With its True-RMS technology and low input impedance, you can trust that your readings are reliable and precise.
Yes, absolutely! You can maximize the utility of your Fluke 117 by using compatible accessories such as test leads, alligator clips, or magnetic hangers. These accessories expand the capabilities of your multimeter for various applications.
Definitely! The non-contact voltage detection feature adds an extra layer of safety by allowing you to detect live voltage without making direct contact. It’s a valuable tool for quickly identifying potentially hazardous situations in electrical systems.
Customers rave about its reliability and accuracy. Many appreciate its durable build and intuitive design. They find it indispensable for troubleshooting electrical issues due to its consistent performance and ease of use.

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