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Fluke Multimeter 289 Price: Industrial Data Logging & More

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Fluke 289 Data Logging

Did you know that the price of a Fluke Multimeter 289 has fluctuated by over 20% in the market in the past year alone? If you’re on the hunt for an accurate and reliable multimeter without breaking the bank, then look no further. In this post, we’ll dive into the factors influencing the price of the Fluke Multimeter 289 instrument and provide valuable insights to help you make an informed purchase decision. Whether you’re a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, understanding these pricing dynamics can save you money and ensure that you get top-notch performance from your investment.

Overview of Fluke 289 True RMS Industrial Data Logging Multimeter

History and Reputation

Fluke, a renowned brand in the electronic test tools industry, has a long-standing history of producing high-quality and reliable voltage, frequency, and rms multimeter equipment. The company’s commitment to precision, durability, and innovation has solidified its reputation as a leader in the field. With over seven decades of experience, Fluke has consistently delivered top-notch products that meet the needs of professionals across various industries.

The Fluke 289 multimeter is no exception to this legacy. It embodies the brand’s dedication to excellence by offering advanced functionality and accuracy for demanding industrial applications with input voltage and frequency meter. Whether it’s troubleshooting complex electrical systems, conducting precise measurements, or checking voltage and frequency, the Fluke 289 meter stands out as an indispensable tool for engineers, technicians, and electricians alike.

Standout Features

One of the key features that sets the Fluke 289 multimeter apart from others is its True RMS (Root Mean Square) capability for voltage. This feature allows the multimeter to accurately measure both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waveforms with irregular shapes and voltage, making it ideal for analyzing modern electronics where non-linear loads are common.

Moreover, its data logging function enables users to record voltage measurements over time without continuous supervision. This makes it convenient for diagnosing intermittent faults or monitoring trends during extended testing periods with a meter. Its large digital display with backlight ensures clear visibility even in dimly lit environments.

Key Specifications and Features of Fluke 289 Multimeter

Detailed Specifications

The Fluke 289 multimeter is a versatile tool that offers precise measurements for various electrical parameters. It can measure voltage, current, and resistance with exceptional accuracy using a meter. For instance, the meter has a voltage measurement range of up to 1000 volts DC or AC. Its current measurement capability extends to 10 amps in the AC/DC range meter.

This multimeter also boasts an impressive resistance measurement feature, allowing users to measure resistances as low as 0.1 ohms and as high as 50 megaohms.

Special Features

One of the standout features of the Fluke 289 meter is its data logging functionality. This allows users to record measurements over time and analyze trends in electrical systems using a meter. Moreover, the meter incorporates TrendCapture technology which enables it to capture glitches and other transient events that occur within milliseconds.

Durability and Safety Features

Designed for industrial use, the Fluke 289 meter is built with durability in mind. Its rugged construction ensures resilience against harsh working environments commonly found in industrial settings. Furthermore, it adheres to stringent safety standards to provide maximum protection for both the user and the equipment being tested.

Benefits and Applications of Using Fluke 289 Multimeters

Diverse Applications

Fluke 289 multimeters are widely used in various industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and electronics. In the manufacturing sector, these multimeters are essential for troubleshooting electrical systems and ensuring smooth operations. For automotive professionals, the fluke multimeter 289 aids in diagnosing complex electrical issues in vehicles. In the electronics industry, it is indispensable for testing electronic circuits and components with a meter.

The versatility of Fluke 289 extends to its ability to measure a wide range of parameters accurately. For instance, when dealing with complex electrical systems, accuracy is crucial for identifying potential malfunctions or irregularities. The Fluke 289 meter’s precise measurements provide technicians with reliable data to pinpoint issues quickly and effectively.

Efficiency Improvement

By using the Fluke 289 multimeter, businesses can experience significant efficiency improvements leading to cost savings through reliable diagnostics. By accurately identifying problems within electrical systems early on using this meter, companies can prevent costly downtime due to unexpected failures or breakdowns.

Moreover, the inclusion of a mobile app further enhances efficiency as technicians can remotely monitor readings from multiple meters simultaneously without being physically present near each one.

  • Diverse applications across manufacturing, automotive & electronics sectors
  • Accurate measurements crucial for identifying malfunctions
  • Efficiency improvements lead to cost savings through reliable diagnostics
  • Mobile app allows remote monitoring of readings from multiple meters

How to Use Fluke 289 for Drive Measurements and Troubleshooting

Step-by-Step Guide

To use the Fluke 289 for drive measurements, start by selecting the appropriate measurement function on the multimeter. For instance, when measuring voltage or current with a meter, ensure you set the dial to the correct setting. Next, connect the test leads of the meter to the corresponding terminals of the drive being measured. Take accurate readings and record them if necessary.

When troubleshooting common issues with drives using a Fluke 289, begin by checking for abnormal voltage or current levels using appropriate settings on the multimeter. Look out for irregularities such as voltage spikes or fluctuations on the meter that could indicate potential issues within the drive system.

Real-Life Examples

One real-life example of successful drive diagnostics with a Fluke 289 meter involved identifying an intermittent fault in a motor drive unit. By carefully measuring and monitoring various electrical parameters such as voltage, current, and frequency over time, it was possible to pinpoint irregularities during specific operating conditions.

Another example is diagnosing erratic behavior in a variable frequency drive (VFD) used in an industrial application. Through systematic testing and analysis using a Fluke 289 meter, technicians were able to identify faulty components within the VFD’s control circuitry which were causing unpredictable performance.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on Fluke 289 Multimeter

Reliability and Accuracy

Users consistently praise the reliability of the Fluke 289 multimeter, emphasizing its ability to deliver precise readings. Many have highlighted how the meter has become an indispensable tool for them in various electrical troubleshooting scenarios. The device’s accuracy has been a standout feature, with users expressing confidence in its ability to provide consistent and dependable measurements.

The multimeter’s capability to log data over extended periods has garnered positive feedback from professionals who require continuous monitoring of electrical systems. For instance, electricians have shared their experiences using the data logging function and meter during diagnostic tests for intermittent faults. This specific use case demonstrates how the Fluke 289 meter caters to real-world applications by offering practical solutions for complex troubleshooting situations.

Drawbacks and Areas for Improvement

While the majority of users are highly satisfied with the performance of the Fluke 289 meter, there have been sporadic reports regarding its price point being relatively high compared to other options available in the market. Some individuals have expressed that despite its exceptional features, they found it challenging to justify investing such a substantial amount in a multimeter.

While connectivity options like USB interfaces and wireless capabilities are appreciated by many users, there have been occasional comments about these features needing further refinement for seamless integration into different work environments.

Recommended Accessories for Enhancing Fluke 289 Functionality

Essential Accessories

To enhance the high performance of the Fluke 289 multimeter, it’s essential to consider specific accessories. Additional probes and clamps can expand its functionality, allowing you to tackle a wider range of tasks. For instance, using compatible current clamps can enable measurements on larger electrical conductors without needing to disconnect them from the circuit.

Investing in software upgrades is another way to optimize the mechanical equipment capabilities of the Fluke 289. The right software can provide advanced data analysis and reporting features that are not available with the standard package. This allows users to efficiently manage and interpret measurement data for various applications.

Maximizing Capabilities

When considering accessories for your Fluke 289, compatibility is key. Ensure that any additional components or software upgrades are fully compatible with your device model to avoid any issues with connectivity or functionality. Utilizing a low pass filter accessory can help eliminate unwanted noise when working in noisy environments or when measuring variable frequency drive (VFD) outputs.

Exploring Fluke Connect with Fluke 289 Multimeter

Remote Monitoring and Data Sharing

With Fluke Connect, users can remotely monitor the Fluke 289 multimeter from their smartphones or tablets. This means that even when technicians are not physically present at the testing site, they can still keep an eye on the measurements being taken by the multimeter. For instance, if a technician is troubleshooting a piece of equipment in one part of a facility and needs to view real-time data from another location, they can simply use the app to check readings without having to be physically present.

The ability to share data through Fluke Connect also allows for easy collaboration among team members. If a technician encounters complex problems that require input from colleagues or supervisors, they can quickly share measurement results and seek guidance without delay.

Testimonials and Case Studies

There are numerous testimonials and case studies demonstrating how using Fluke Connect with the Fluke 289 multimeter has improved efficiency, accuracy, and safety in various industries. For instance, in power distribution applications where technicians need to measure voltage levels at different points within a system, using Fluke Connect enables them to safely monitor bus voltages or motor terminals from a distance while staying out of harm’s way.

In field service scenarios where complex problems may arise during equipment troubleshooting, technicians have found that utilizing Fluke Connect with the Fluke 289 multimeter provides an efficient way to collaborate with experts who may not be on-site but can still offer valuable insights based on real-time data shared through the app.


You’ve learned about the powerful capabilities of the Fluke 289 True RMS Industrial Data Logging Multimeter and how it can revolutionize your electrical measurements and troubleshooting tasks. From its key specifications and customer feedback to exploring Fluke Connect compatibility, you now have a comprehensive understanding of how this multimeter can enhance your work. Whether you’re a professional electrician, engineer, or DIY enthusiast, the Fluke 289 offers unmatched accuracy and convenience for all your measurement needs.

Ready to take your electrical measurements to the next level? Get your hands on the Fluke 289 Multimeter today and experience the difference for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fluke 289 multimeter offers a wide range of features, including true RMS AC voltage and current measurements, resistance, continuity, diode test, capacitance, and temperature. It also provides data logging capabilities and can store up to 15,000 recorded events.
Industrial users benefit from the precision and reliability of the Fluke 289 multimeter in troubleshooting electrical systems. Its data logging feature allows for long-term monitoring, while its ability to interface with other devices via Fluke Connect enhances efficiency in industrial environments.
Yes! Accessories such as temperature probes, magnetic hangers for hands-free operation, and external power adapters can enhance your experience with the Fluke 289 multimeter. These accessories expand its capabilities for various measurement scenarios.
Fluke Connect enables wireless communication between your smartphone or PC and your Fluke 289 multimeter. This allows you to remotely view measurements in real-time or share them with colleagues for collaborative troubleshooting without being near the equipment.
Customers praise the accuracy and durability of this multimeter. Many highlight its intuitive interface and robust construction that withstands challenging work environments. The data logging function receives particular acclaim for its usefulness in diagnosing intermittent issues over time.

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Fluke 289 Data Logging